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I’m not sure if I should welcome you here and thank you for coming, or apologize that you have now wasted at least 10 seconds of your life reading this blog. Regardless.

About me: I am a 22 year old female, working my way through nursing school, newly married to a wonderful man. I’m a Christian, and most other Christians would label me extremely liberal if they ever discovered my true opinions and beliefs. I have eczema, millions of allergies, depression, anxiety, heartburn (thanks tomatoes) and some mild PTSD.

I’ve also recently been semi-diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Apparently a rheumatologist has to lay eyes on me before I can have the disease, at least according to the nurse practitioner I’ve been seeing. This site is a desperate attempt to find a healthy coping mechanism to deal with all of this. I’m not sharing this blog with any family or friends.

I am a fairly level-headed person. I’m not one to show my true emotions with others, and I rarely if ever have outbursts. But I need a place to have outbursts. To let go of some things. My desire is that my openness and honesty is something that you can resonate with. If you are struggling with some of the things I’m going through, I hope you find comfort in knowing that you are not alone.


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