Tom, Dick, and Harry

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Tom, Dick, and Harry.

That is the name of the mountain I climbed yesterday. It has got to be the dumbest name for a mountain that I have ever heard. It sounds even dumber when I try to brag about my accomplishments. Like, I’m sorry, you climbed what?

But that’s not the point. I climbed a freaking MOUNTAIN yesterday.

It was 6 miles round-trip and 1,700 ft of elevation gain. And it hurt like crazy. But I did it.

I’ve been a novice mountain climber since I was a kid. I grew up in Colorado climbing 14,000 ft mountains. I thought that I would never be able to attempt something like that again. But climbing this measly little 5,000-and-something-foot mountain gave me a little twinge of hope that I might be able to work up to being more active.

And as a side note, yes, I’m paying for it today.

Here’s the last big mountain I climbed: San Luis Peak, one of Colorado’s fine fourteeners. This was the summer of 2014 after I had just started nursing school.


And for another side note, I used to think that jeggings were the best invention ever. I mean, jeans that feel like wearing leggings. Does it get any better? Now I’m cursing the inventor because half of my pants are jeggings and it hurts to wear them. I’m all about those loose, linen pants now. Do you have a favorite outfit for being comfy when you have to look nice (as in, can’t wear sweats)?



  1. PeakMassageTherapy says

    First thing I thought of for Tom, Dick and (Nervous) Harry is that’s the pneumonic we used for the tendons in the ankle 🙂 Tib ant, flexor Digitorum longus, nerve and flexor hallucius longus. Maybe a fellow anatomy nerd named that mountain 😉

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    • outburstsofaspoonie says

      Love it! 😀 Gotta have those mnemonics for memorizing anatomy!


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