You’re Tough.

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b973df17ad5e15b55b6a84eead9180caHubs and I  are finally settled in Utah. We threw all of our possessions in a u-haul trailer, pointed (south) east, and didn’t look back. We ended up staying in an Air-bnb for about a week while we scrambled to find a place to live. And believe it or not, we did. We’re all moved in to our new, TWO BEDROOM apartment that is mold-free and much bigger than the 400-square foot building we spent our first year of marriage in.

Oh, and yes, we also celebrated our first anniversary! A whole year.

This is a little bit of a side note, but I am so proud of my hubs and our marriage. My symptoms began only a few months after we got married, quickly kicking us out of the honeymoon phase and into the sudden reality of chronic illness. Hubs has been so incredibly loving and supportive. Hashtag blessed.


This is the odd part about the entire moving process. During the two weeks in which we were actively moving, I was constantly bracing myself for the flare I knew was coming. I was terrified that I would become incapacitated during the process.

But I didn’t.

In fact, my flare didn’t begin until a full week after we had moved into our new home. Granted, it left me almost bed-ridden for several days with pain, nausea, and severe anxiety. But the timing was perfect. I never thought that I’d be thankful when it comes to a fibro flare. My only explanation was that the words my mother and grandmother had pounded into my head were taking action: “Em, you’re tough. Just like mom and Meme, you’re tough. You can do this.” One of my earliest memories is of hearing these words after I had badly scrapped my knee.

I’ve been struggling to find the balance between staying active and involved and pushing myself beyond those ever-changing limits. After seeing what my body has “tough-ed” out through this move I’m a little more confident that I’ll be able to improve my quality of life over time.

Which I sure hope happens! I also forgot to mention (yay, fibro-fog) that I GRADUATED from NURSING SCHOOL with my bachelor’s degree!! I take my NCLEX test in about two weeks and am actively looking for a full-time job. Whew. We’ll see how it all turns out. Life is always an adventure, right?

Hoping your week is filled with spoons!


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  1. Congratulations on your graduation!! And all the best with your job. 🙂 I know exactly what you mean by trying to “find the balance between staying active and involved, and not pushing yourself beyond ever-changing limits” — in fact I have been thinking (and writing) a lot about that lately. I am so glad that you had a glimpse on hope for your future through this tough time!

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